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Esfiha Delight!

Este fue el título dado a un artículo publicado en el libro Fin de semana Viernes, 18 de abril (p.24) de Correio Brazilense.

The best in town, the second 35.01% of internet web mail

The Esfihas Talher in Brazil are open (with the fillings show). The recipe is secret and the mass came after much testing. The Esfihas are made in the most natural way, without preservatives, using raw material of quality!

The esfiha of Talher Brazil is Brasilia named the best

In an opinion poll conducted by Correio Brasiliense, through the portal, the public chose the brasiliense Esfihas Talher Brazil as the most delightful of Brasilia

2 000 units sold in one day!

They are seven flavors. The traditional meat, cheese and chicken. The four cheese and kani seek out new paths. And to sweeten the taste, bananas and chocolate are requested. The latter, a bestseller.

Talher Brasil promoting the sport!

 The Talher Brasil is proud to support and participate in this brilliant career of this athlete who only brings joy to our city.

César Castro is one of Brazil's best jumpers of all time and holder of the major titles that the country has won in diving. Current 4th place in the world rankings of the sport, César was the silver medalist of the Pan Rio de Janeiro.

Moreover, César was already more than twenty times Brazilian champion, three times South American champion, seven times medalist in stages of the World Tour and a finalist in the 2004 Athens Olympics, a feat that Brazil has not reached since the year 1952.



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